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Risk Management Strategic Planners

Risk Management Strategic Planners is an independent financial services firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve financial freedom and security. Through our affiliation with many of the leading Canadian financial institutions we are able to offer our clients a wide range of financial services. 

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Planning for your financial security.

Escape to financial freedom. Our goal is to help our clients realize their financial objectives and live their dreams.

Insurance licenced in the province of Ontario

Financial Wellness Program


Our Goal is Financial Wellness for All.

What does this mean?  We want to provide an opportunity for every individual to take control of their own financial plans and decisions.  Take the control out of the hands of the banks and investment companies.  We will give you the tools and knowledge to put together your own financial plan and maintain it yourself.  We can give you the confidence and ability to make your own financial decisions without the biased input of the product pushing banks and investment companies.

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