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Life Insurance

We can help you analyze your situation and answer your questions, such as:

Health Insurance

Everyone who enjoys good health hopes it will last for a lifetime. But sometimes life throws a curve. While insurance can't prevent that from happening, it can help you cope.

  • Critical Illness Insurance helps manage the costs associated with recovery by providing a one time lump sum payment that can be used for anything, allowing you to focus on recovery and resuming a meaningful lifestyle.

  • Disability Income Insurance provides you with an income when a disability prevents you from working.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection - is designed to help protect you and your family by paying off your mortgage in the event of your death and ensures your regular payments are made if you become disabled.

Business Protection

Ensure that your business can survive a disability, critical illness or death of one of the owners or key employees by allowing us to recommend a business continuation plan.

  • A buy-sell agreement is a legal agreement between shareholders or business owners that provides for a smooth transfer of ownership should a partner become disabled or critically ill, retire or die.

  • What impacts could a key person' death or disablement have on your business?

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