Risk Management Strategic Partners

Whether you are searching for ways to accumulate wealth, be financially secure in retirement or minimize estate taxes, we believe that planning is the first step toward achieving your goals. We can create a customized investment program for you by discussing your goals, identifying your time horizon and assessing your risk tolerances. We will regularly monitor your investment portfolio and, when appropriate, suggest changes to ensure it continuously meets your objectives

Segregated Funds

Segregated funds are an insurance product with investment features. They hold investors' pooled money which the manager of the fund invests in stocks, bonds or other assets, depending on the fund's investment objectives.

Segregated funds are purchased under an insurance contract, and you therefore enjoy advantages beyond those of other investments. Consider the certainty that a Death Benefit Guarantee and Maturity Guarantee could bring to your financial plan. Think what Estate Planning and potential Creditor Protection features could do for your family and business?

The Smith Manoeuvre lets you make your mortgage tax deductible

We provide a step by step approach that will let you save thousands of dollars and knock off years off you mortgage payment.

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